About The DSM IV

THE DSM IV are Jade Ormesher, Guy McKnight (The Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster) & Pav Cummins. Based in Liverpool, they’re taking audiences all over the country into uncharted, strangely seductive, dance-rock n’ transcendence!

More than a live show, this is a group that will take you on a journey. It’s a commanding, mesmerising ceremony through the gateways that only music can unlock. Drawing audiences, like summoning spirits, THE DSM IV are a revelation!

Primitive Acid House beats, an anarchic nature akin to The Fall, the wild abandon of the Stooges, the unapologetic freedom of Suicide, the astute observational lyricism of Arthur Lee, the unfakeable attitude of Happy Mondays, and guitars played how they should be and you can begin to imagine what this band are tuned in to.

Born out of their belief in the inexorable destiny of using their lives to make music, THE DSM IV bring their vision into reality with the deep desire to imbue the times in which we live with the belief – in the potential of all things!

If you want tunes & anthems for a new generation of real music fans, you’ll find yourself… here.

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