Sea Power

About Sea Power

Sea Power – previously British Sea Power – have been making exhilarating and intriguing rock music for over two decades. They’ve won a BAFTA and were nominated for the Mercury Prize. Their music – at once atmospheric and anthemic – has been hugely acclaimed. The Sunday Times: “The best band in Britain.” MOJO: “Stadium-sized melodies and exquisite songwriting.” The Guardian: “A triumphant lesson in sweeping toward the mainstream with your imagination and mystery intact.” Sea Power are renowned for their thrilling, emotive live performance and Time Out magazine made them Live Band Of The Year in 2004. The band have played atop the Great Wall Of China, at the CERN atom-research labs and beside the diplodocus skeleton at London’s Natural History Museum. They’ve drawn admiring comment from artists including David Bowie, Lou Reed and UK Poet Laureate Simon Armitage. Sea Power’s BAFTA was for their soundtrack for the critically-acclaimed and multi-million-selling art-house computer game Disco Elysium.

Sea Power’s operational base is Brighton. The band members live in East Sussex and on the Isle Of Skye.

Jan – vocals / guitars.
Hamilton – vocals / guitars.
Noble – guitars.
Abi Fry – viola / keyboards.
Phil Sumner – keyboards / cornet.

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