Mayumi Hirata

About Mayumi Hirata

From Osaka in Japan, Mayumi became a kind of ‘photographer in residence’ to Sea Power. Her images have a key place in the Compleat Illustrated British Sea Power box-set. Mayumi’s work reaches far beyond this, of course. She documented the Osaka underground punk scene as it gave rise to bands such as the Boredoms and Shonen Knife. She also created record sleeves for bands as wonderfully named as Off Mask OO and the Garlic Boys. Mayumi moved to London in 1991 to explore the roots of original punk in London. Mayumi was first attracted to Sea Power via a poster taped across the ground in the North Lanes, Brighton, and first saw the group in London in 2002. She has photographed the band ever since. Mayumi is also a Japanese taiko drummer, performing as a member of Joji Hirota’s London Taiko Drummers, as well as leading her own punk-taiko unit, Fugu.

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