Jack McNeill

About Jack McNeill

Clarinettist, composer and maker Jack McNeill is a musician exploring the intersections of different traditions and sound worlds.

Director of the 12-piece cross-genre Propellor, he makes work that sits somewhere between live music, theatre and radio. His music combines contemporary clarinet soundscapes with live processing, real-world sound and spoken word. A member of Joe Acheson’s Hidden Orchestra and touring with Tao of Glass (Philip Glass/Improbable) which premiered at Manchester International Festival, Jack is also a chamber musician, orchestral player and soloist, premiering work by Philip Glass, Richard Ayres, Karin Rehnqvist and Ryan Latimer among others, and has recorded for Cerys Matthews, Emulsion Sinfonietta and Gecko Theatre. Jack is one of the creators of Kendal’s new music night, Thwaite Sessions.

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