Heidi Heelz

About Heidi Heelz

Heidi Heelz is a queer musician, DJ, artist and promoter. One sixth of the pleasingly niche live Fall karaoke band The Fallen Women, they now live in Bristol where they promote under the name Grey Muzzle – an affectionate term coined by Stew Jackson (Daddy G’s producer) for musicians over forty. They are also regularly commissioned by bands such as Jemma Freeman & The Cosmic Something and John E Vistic to create band logos and album sleeve artwork.

Heidi’s previous bands include The Priscillas, The Guillotines and the mighty Proxy Music – a conceptual tribute band who performed Roxy and Eno covers strictly from ’72 to ’74. They also ran the legendary Shoreditch haunt Dice Club (2007-2010) which championed bands like Bo Ningen, Factory Floor and Teeth Of The Sea, and the wilfully obtuse junkshop glam club GlamRacket, which boasted Phil King (Lush, JAMC) as a resident DJ.

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