ERC ft Maxine Peake

About ERC ft Maxine Peake

The ‘Eccentronic Research Council’ are a practical electronics and avant garde synthersizer duo based in Sheffield made up of producers Adrian Flanagan (The Moonlandingz/Acid Klaus) & Dean Honer(All seeing I/I monster).

They have made 4 critically acclaimed narrative based concept albums featuring BAFTA nominated actress MAXINE PEAKE (Shameless, Silk, Anne, Dinner ladies,Funny Cow). Collectively the duo have worked with some of the biggest icons and trailblazers in alternative music from Yoko Ono to Jarvis Cocker , Phil Oakey, Mark E Smith , Sean Lennon and do a very popular off shoot ‘semi fictional’ project with Lias of ‘The Fat White Family’ called The Moonlandingz.

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