About Cruush

“I guess you can say our music has the sweet elements of having a crush on someone but the screeching of an industrial car crusher.” states cruush’s vocalist & frontperson Amber Warren. And she’s bob on. cruush do have a melodic front. One that sounds like manufacturing error of prettiness. Corrosive. Half-melted. Spewing a destabilizing grunginess. So intense it creates a kind of paralysis. But the core IP is formed when Amber’s darkwave nursery rhymes of dead-eyed dreamstate meet the white-knuckle tension of Arthur Boyd’s elliptical guitar. Tones muscular enough to administer compound fractures rage a cold war on the ears. Textures move in and out of phase, pluming for miles, drone-laced and magnificent. Meeting at a “shitty Fresher’s event” the pair retreated to the chromosome of Amber’s room to jam the early tunes that would serve as a helix for the band’s genetic information. Joined by drummer Fotis Kalantzis and later by bassist Ru Cowl, they set about repackaging shoegaze for digital natives. Broadcasters and journalists alike have been enchanted with the likes of Jack Saunders (BBC Radio 1), BBC Radio 6, John Kennedy (Radio X), Soho Radio, Consequences of Sound, the NME, the Line of Best Fit, and Clash all lining up to call themselves fans. Freshly signed to indie darlings Heist or Hit (Her’s, Eades, Pizzagirl) cruush are set to bring their thoughtform nightscapes to the masses.

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